Preliminary Studies of Apollo del Belvedere

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The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums (PAVM) have a strong commitment to support art restoration in the Vatican Museums. Unlike other major museums, the Vatican Museums
receive no tax revenue to sponsor the restoration of its treasures, and therefore rely significantly on the generosity of its Patrons.

Recently, the Illinois and New York Patrons partnered to support the preliminary study of the Apollo del Belvedere, considered to be one of the most important sculptures in the world. The Apollo del Belvedere forms the original nucleus of the Vatican Collection.

In a shared statement, Anne Shea, the Illinois Patrons Chapter Leader, and Donna D’Urso, New York Patrons Chapter Leader, express that they “want to support the continued showcasing of the Apollo del Belvedere as one of the world’s most important sculptures housed in the Vatican Museums’ collection. It’s because of the Chapters’ deep commitment to the Vatican Museums and the mission of the PAVM to promote, restore and conserve these iconic artworks for future generations, and, in this case, it’s the preliminary study which will be so important in the future for any conservation going forward on the statue. The Illinois and New York Chapters are honored to be part of this incredible legacy of the Apollo del Belvedere!”

The preliminary studies allow the expert restorers to carry out a careful analysis, which will benefit their eventual restoration work. To carry out the latter, the Apollo del Belvedere needed
financial assistance to support the restoration. Now, because of the generous funding from the Bank of America Art Conservation Project, restorers can conserve this historically and culturally significant work of art.

June 24, 2021 – Apollo del Belvedere Press Release

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