Cartoons for Mosaics in St. Peter’s Basilica: Isaiah & the Cloud Successful

Cartoons for Mosaics in St. Peter’s Basilica: Isaia & the Cloud

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Pledged in 2014 (Donor(s): Donna Nelson Stride)

This painting is the cartoon designed for the lunette west of the vestibule of the chapel. Maratta depicts Isaiah in the act of turning to the cloud in front of which he kneels, holding a book in his hand. Isaiah, the biblical prophet, looks up toward the cloud, disperser of justice, and according to the words of the sacred text implores: “Shower, O heavens, from above and let the clouds rain down righteousness”; at his feet the other books serve as a reminder of his roles as a politician and writer.

State of Preservation:

These works are in precarious condition. The surfaces are dirty and show areas of oxidation of the substrate. Several tears are present and some swelling and deformation is apparent.

Restoration Process Includes:

  • GRS research
  • Proper cleaning
  • Fixing of the tears
  • Fixing of the gaps with Japanese paper
  • Reinforcement of borders
  • Final touch-up painting
  • Photographic documentation

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