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13 Antique Terracotta Vases from the Regolini Galassi Tomb

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Pledged in 2015 (Donor(s): Joe & Arlene Ferrara)

In 1836, at the necropolis of Sorbo in Caere (modern day Cerveteri), Archpriest Alessandro Regolini and General Vincenzo Galassi excavated one of the richest and most representative Etruscan tombs ever discovered, dating to between 675 and 650 BC. Some of the objects found in this important archaeological site are on display in Room II of the Gregorian Etruscan Museum.

State of Preservation:
These pieces encrusted with various organic residues, bi-products typical of bronze corrosion. Several large restorations conducted in the past appear evident on the surface. The iron is in extremely fragile condition. These pieces are expected to return on display in the Etruscan Museum.

Restoration Process Includes:

  • Cleaning and eliminating the corrosive salt bi-products
  • Washing of the pieces in de-mineralized water with special controls on the soluble salts.
  • Dehydration
  • Protective final varnish
  • Support completing the tripod in order to show the whole aspect of the pieces
  • Chemical analysis to determine technique and material used
  • Further study of the history of each piece
  • Photographic documentation

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